TCS Online Test has a total of 2 rounds and time given is 165 mins.

TCS Placement Papers 2023

Latest TCS NQT(ITP) 2023 Pattern

SectionsDuration (in mins)No. Questions
Part A - Foundation Section
  Numerical Ability2520
  Verbal Ability2525
  Reasoning Ability2520
Part B - Advanced Section
  Advanced Quantitative Ability2010
  Advanced Reasoning Ability1510
  Advanced Coding552

Model Queation Paper

1. P and Q are two sphere. The surface area of Q is 200% greater than the
surface area P. The volume of P is found to be x% less than the volume
of Q. Find the approximate volume of P.
A. 69%
B. 68%
C. 72%
D. 80%

2.A sum of Rs.24000 lent at compound interest becomes double in 3 years.
How much will it be after 12 years?
A. 16 times
B. 15 times
C. 12 times
D. 13 times

3. If four villages X,Y,Z and W are equal distances from each other, and
the time taken to travel from X to Y is 3 hours, from Y and Z 4 hours,
from Z and W is 3 hours, and the speed from X to Y is 70miles/hour,
find the average speed from X to W.
A. 63 miles/hour
B. 58 miles/hour
C. 53 miles/hour
D. 60 miles/hour

4. A man performs 2/5 th of his total journey by bus, 7/20 by train and the
remaining 30km by car. Find his total journey.
A. 80km
B. 100km
C. 120km
D. 75km

5. The average runs scored by a batsman in 17 innings 37. What is his score
in the 17 th innings, thereby increasing his average by 5 runs?

A. 117
B. 85
C. 91
D. 98

6. What will be the compound interest on Rs.4000 at 6% per annum for two
and half years, then interest compounded half yearly.
A. 764.1
B. 786.2
C. 637.1
D. 804.5

7. An examination was held in a girl’s college, in which the maximum
marks were 200. The average marks of 10 girls in a class are 160, the
marks of the 5 lowest scores are not included in this average. But when
the marks of the 5 lowest scores are included, the average decreases by
10. Find the minimum possible marks of the low scorers. If each of the
low scorers has achieved different marks. ( Assume here that all of the
students have scored some marks)
A. 7 marks
B. 9 marks
C. 10 marks
D. 8 marks

8. The sum of two numbers is 60 and the HCF and LCM of these numbers
are 5 and 175 respectively, then what will be the sum of the reciprocals
of the numbers?
A. 12/175
B. 17/177
C. 16/175
D. 13/177

9. The average weight 50 students in a class was calculated as 35 kg. It was
later found that the weight of 3 students in the class was wrongly
calculated. The actual weight of one of the girl was 30kg, but it was calculated 

as 32kg and the weight another two boys was 41kg. Whereas it
was calculated as 35kg. What was the actual average weight of the 50
students in the class?
A. 37.4kg
B. 37.8kg
C. 35.2kg
D. 35.6kg

10. The perimeter of a parallelogram is 140cm, and one of the sides of the
parallelogram is longer than the other side by 10cm. If a square has its
side 10cm longer than the longer side of the parallelogram, then what will
be the diagonal of the square?
A. 50 cm
B. 40 cm
C. 30 cm
D. 45 cm